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Famous Festivals and Fairs in Himachal Pradesh, India Are Not to Be Missed!! The state holds a raft of bucket-list worthy festivals and fairs, reflecting its rich and colorful heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs.


One of the famous festivals in Himachal is the Halda festival, which welcomes the New Year by paying tribute to the goddess of wealth, Shashikar Apa. During the day, a special ceremony is held in which people worship the goddess and seek her blessings, and by night, there’s everything from musicals, bonfires, dancing acts, heady cocktails and a grand feast. Though the actual date and place of the festival is decided by the Lama, it is usually celebrated either in December or January, over a period of two days, in the Lahaul district of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the villages in Himachal also hold their own Halda festival.

Fagli – the Yellow Festival

The festival of Fagli (locally Kuns or Kus) is celebrated in the month of February when the harsh winters start subsiding gradually. Celebrated mainly in the Pattan Valley, Fagli arrives a fortnight after the festival of Halda. Houses are decorated with marigold flowers. The festival lasts many days, sometimes even weeks depending upon the population of the village.

Yor – Dancing with the Masked Men

Yor is celebrated a fortnight after Fagli. Yor is mainly celebrated in the Madgram Village and the masked dance is the USP of this festival. These masks or mohras are made of wood.  This dance is actually a prayer for the well-being of the people, for good crop and healthy children.

The festival of Yor marks the start of the traditional New Year and people dress up as spirits and dance all day long. This festival is usually celebrated in the month of March, when the winters start receding.

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