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It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our Miklamhomestayspiti!!
Miklamhomestayspiti is situated at an average height of 13,000 feet in the north eastern part of the India of Himachal Pardesh. It is a research and cultural center for Buddhists in Rangrik, Kaza district Lahual & Spiti. Miklamhomes is traditional homestays in spiti, which is adequately furnished with all modern amenities, our double room, suit and standard rooms are an excellent choice with various facilities and all rooms facing front open Mountain View. It is in the list of top 10 homestay in Rangrik, Kaza and very well known for the best homestay in Kaza. Trekking in spiti valley is a dream destination for adventure lovers and avid trekkers.

Miklam Homestay would welcome the clients looking for a peaceful, meditative environment, away from hustle and bustle of city Life . Those who are coming with the expectation of a swanky restaurant, crowded places are not welcome.

Note : It’s a humble request to contact telephonically instead of sending mail. Due to poor connectivity, mail may not be timely responded. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Miklam Homestay and Trekking in Spiti Valley

Miklamhomestayspiti is located high in the Himalaya Mountains in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh. The name “Spiti” means “The Middle Land”,i.e. the land between Tibet and India.

Our place combines charm and hospitality with modern convenience at your fingertips. With a vision to develop tourism in our area and offer all the facilities possible to travelers, we laid the foundation stone for this property. We look forward to making your stay both comfortable and memorable by providing personalized quality service and facilities.

Our Rooms

Our fully wooden furnished rooms, which will provide you the environment to step away from hectic urban life and the accommodation, would guarantee guests with the comforts needed for a pleasant stay.

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Double Room


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About Homestay Spiti

Spiti stands for a Spiritual Place full of Simplicity. People in Spiti valley are so humble and high on hospitality that they give complex to a city’s deweller. Spiti is a land though agriculturally not very fertile but very fertile on Spiritual connectivity. It’s an epitome of Buddhism where people follow the values of compassion and service…In this era of materialism , Spiti people has become Role Models for living a contented life. They are so satisfied and fulfilled despite the fact basic necessities are barely met, forget about all the comforts and luxuries . In Spiti people religiously follow Budhist tradition of making their younger son a Buddhist Monk . India’s rich heritage and culture is clearly reflected in Spiti people behavior of paying respect to their elders, very high on Prosocial behavior. Though this place is not well connected infrastructurally but one can easily connect to one’s own self in Spiti valley. Spiti teaches everyone the art of simple living and high thinking, the art of commitment and sincerity. One must visit this Heaven on the earth in one’s lifetime to seek Spiritual Journey. Salute and Warm Regards to Spiti people.

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